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The loss or absence of teeth, be it through dental disease, an accident or congenital defect, can cause overloading of the remaining teeth and affect their long-term viability. Missing teeth can hinder your speech, ability to enjoy food, your appearance and your confidence in smiling.

Dental implants have revolutionised tooth restoration, many options exist for the replacement of lost teeth, but the dental implant has gained considerable acceptance as the gold standard choice.

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A dental implant's longevity and ability to restore normal function and the appearance of teeth make them the most reliable choice when compared to alternatives.

The dental implant is placed into the jaw bone following precise planning. Following a period of integration into the jaw bone, the final crown can then be attached to it.

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Dental implants can be utilised to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, dental bridges and even provide support for full dentures.

  • Replace missing teeth

  • Look, feel and function like natural teeth

  • Do not require adjacent teeth to be ‘cut back’

  • Hold partial/full dentures securely in the mouth

  • Replace the tooth root, which preserves the bone and slows down the ageing process

  • Prevent over eruption and teeth tipping forward

  • Prevent bone collapse and provide better long-term aesthetics

  • Are successful in over 96% of cases

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