Digital Dentistry with iTero

Our investment in the latest technology includes iTero intraoral scanning for Invisalign® clear aligner therapy. Invisalign® cases that start with an iTero scan have seven times fewer fit issues than those started with traditional impressions.

The iTero scanner also eliminates the mess and unpleasantness associated with traditional impressions. Treatment is completely comfortable for the patient.Not only that, there are 10 times fewer rejections of iTero scans than traditional impressions. Your dentist can make real-time adjustments to the simulated outcome.


iTero is not just used for Invisalign®. It is used for crowns, bridgework, veneers, and implant restorations. The fit is better than traditional impressions and the results are returned from the lab quicker. Your dentist can export scans directly from the iTero Element interface to CAD software and milling partners, for faster, more precise restorations.

We use the iTero for the following:

  • Full mouth assessment

  • Tooth wear monitoring

  • Recession monitoring

iTero scanners are not just impression taking devices. They’re much more than that. You'll be able to see potential Invisalign® treatment outcomes within 1 minute with the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator. This chairside application is powered exclusively by iTero scanners to help you visualise how your teeth may look at the end of Invisalign® treatment. With highly accurate software like TimeLapse, you'll be also be able to see how your teeth are moving over time.

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Easier, quicker and less mess than conventional impressions.


  • No gooey mess associated with impression materials

  • Breathe and swallow as you normally would

  • No unpleasant taste or smell


  • View 3D scans onscreen with your dentist immediately

  • Faster delivery times of your personalised Invisalign® treatment plan


  • Allows for a precise fit of crowns, bridges, implants, and Invisalign clear aligners and retainers

  • Eliminates the need to retake impressions


Even under the best of conditions, traditional impressions were still uncomfortable, occasionally unreliable and unpleasant tasting. That’s why we’re proud to offer goop-free, full digital impressions with the revolutionary iTero® Element™ Scanner. Not only is a digital impression more comfortable, it’s also much more accurate. The scanner takes an incredibly detailed impression of your teeth and gums. Once the scan is complete, your dentist will then have a 3D model of your mouth that can be used to create detailed crowns, bridges, implants, and Invisalign® clear aligners and retainers. This digital accuracy eliminates the need to retake impressions, keeping your time in the chair to an absolute minimum.

THE WAND Your dentist uses the iTero Element Scanner’s wand to capture images of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue

THE SCAN You and your dentist can follow the scanning progress on the screen

THE 3D MODEL The completed scan is available as a 3D model that your dentist can use to begin planning your Invisalign® treatment.

THE INVISALIGN OUTCOME SIMULATOR Visualize how your teeth may look after Invisalign® treatment. Seeing the “end result” before you decide can take the guesswork out of your decision and put you on the path to the smile you’ve always wanted.

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