Privacy Policy

Discovery Dental Care processes personal information that relates to patients and is therefore required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 which protects your privacy and ensures that your personal information is processed fairly and lawfully.

Our Commitment to Patients
Discovery Dental Care is committed to ensuring that it complies with the DPA and GDPR and applies ethical principles to all aspects of its work to protect the interests of patients and maintain the confidentiality and security of any personal information held in any form by the practice.

Why Does the Practice Hold Personal Information About Me?
We keep information about you to:

What Personal Information is Kept?
Personal information includes facts (e.g. treatment you have had) and opinions (e.g. any concerns you or your dentist might have about your dental health). To provide the best possible care for you, accurate and comprehensive personal information is required. The following records are kept and updated regularly:

How is My Personal Information Processed?
Sharing Relevant Information
To provide you with appropriate care, we might need to share personal data with:

In these cases, only the minimum information required will be shared. Rarely, the law requires us to pass on information to prevent serious crime or injury. Where possible, we will inform you of requests to share personal information.

Storage and Retention of Personal Information
We keep patient records for adult patients for a minimum of 11 years and for child patients for either 11 years or until the child is 25 years of age, whichever is longer.
We will not keep records for longer than necessary and after they are no longer required, records will be shredded. Personal information is stored on a secure password-protected practice computer system and a manual filing system. Only authorised practice staff have access to these systems. Back-ups of these data are made regularly, in line with the DPA and GDPR.

Your Right to Access Personal Information
You have the right, under the DPA and GDPR, to request a copy of the information held on you by our Practice. If you would like to make a request, please send this in writing to Discovery Dental Care at the address below:
1 West Bell Street, Dundee, DD1 1EX
No fee is charge for this information, and will respond to your request within 40 days of its receipt.
If you have a query or would like more information, please contact our Practice Manager, Sandra Crawford at the address above.
If you are not happy or wish to raise a concern about our data processing, this can be brought to the attention of our Data Protection officer Katie Dimmock.